Thursday, 6 July 2017

A Dark And Foggy Morning

It was a dark and foggy morning when my life changed forever.But first I will tell you about me and my Dad.I have Brown Hair and Green Eyes with freckles on my forehead, I am Eleven years old.My Dad has Grey hair and Brown Eyes like Mud, he is Forty-Seven.Me and My Dad were coming home from a Ed Sherran Concert and it was Dark and foggy as I told you before."Dad are we almost there" I complained.
"Yes we are almost there" Said Dad.

The Roads were slippery because of the Rain.POW!, Lighting hit the back of our Car  sending us flying across the Motorway.Just then my Life flashed before my Eyes.Cars slammed against the Car as I passed out.When I woke up I was in a Ambulance Bed with a mask over my head."Don't worry you'll be OK" Said the doctor calmly to me .I had to get out of the Ambulance on a Wheelchair because I dislocated my Leg.

The next day I had Jelly which was Yum but I had my cast put on as well.The doctor said "It will take Seven Months to heal.When it was time to get my plasters on I was so tired.Eventually me and my Dad healed and lived a good Life.


  1. Wow Isla,
    I like the way you have used descriptive words in this story. I want to know if it is TRUE? I think you mean seven months (not moths).
    Mrs Krausse

    1. I will check the moths and update it.Thanks for the comment!.